Founder, Director of Architecture & Design

Born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, Scott was inspired from a young age to pursue the study of architecture. Surrounded by the classically inflected authenticity of the historical homes downtown and an appreciation for the messages these buildings relayed, Scott was ultimately called abroad, where he delved into the richness of different cultures and their impacts on architecture.

Through this first-hand experience of authentic, historical design, Scott gained invaluable, liberating knowledge and an unspoken connection to these cultural experiences. This exploration eventually led him to his wife, Duda, and with a shared passion for positively impacting and changing the lives of others, the foundation for Anderson Studio began.

Returning home to Charleston, Scott has developed a thriving practice over the past two decades – leading a talented group of like-minded designers committed to creating classically motivated, site-sensitive residences that push the limits of craft, beauty, and longevity while simultaneously inspiring those who inhabit them.

Aside from Charleston, Scott has lived in and worked for architecture firms in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Italy. He earned his undergraduate degree at Clemson and divided his graduate studies between the University of Pennsylvania, Clemson University, and the Charles E. Daniel Center for Urban Studies in Genoa, Italy.

In addition to his commitment to travel, cultural exploration, and art, Scott is an avid sportsman, waterfowler and conservationist. He is an equal shareholder of a private corporation that provides, protects, and cultivates natural habitats for local and migratory wildlife. Rooted in tradition and a deep connection to the land, seasonal weekends are often spent in the Ace Basin with extended family and his son, Noah.