Director of Marketing & Client Engagement

With the profound ability to understand how clients aspire to live, Kelly believes quality and authenticity should be reflected not only in the homes we design but in every aspect of our interaction, from initial contact through project completion and beyond. Focused on building camaraderie and fostering positive relationships, she ensures every client is heard and understood ultimately, resulting in long-term, high-quality relationships where our clients regard the studio as their trusted advisors.

Her strong sense of the studio’s identity, culture, and ethos enables her to effectively promote and support the firm in the stewardship of new and current client relationships as she leads marketing efforts and guides clients through the refined Anderson Studio experience.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine and Studio Art from George Mason University and attended the Northwood Institute of Taxidermy.

Outside of the studio, Kelly enjoys spending her time creating through various mediums ranging from painting to mixed media to taxidermy. When the Charleston weather is favorable, she can often be found exploring backyard waterways with her husband, Casey, and their dogs.