Interior design, much like any other form of art, is usually sparked by some inspiration. The design strategies you implement in your home directly reflect your personal style, but it can be hard to pinpoint what exactly that style is. Here are some ideas to help you find your interior design style.

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Traditional Vs. Contemporary

One of the first things you need to help you determine your interior design style is whether you want your space to feel more traditional or more modern.

If you find yourself drawn to the elegance of French or Early European architecture, clean lines, romantic arches, comfortable furniture, and natural elements, you may have a more traditional style. This typically means that you’re drawn to order, symmetry, and proportion when it comes to design. Other features you may like include wide baseboards, chair moldings, and dramatic window treatments. In terms of color, traditional interior design usually includes warm reds, burgundy, vibrant greens, regal golds, yellows, and blues.

If you love the look of bright colors paired with metal, or you enjoy a space that combines earthy elements with bold colors and patterns, you may have a more contemporary design style. A contemporary space often incorporates clean lines and smooth surfaces. They are specifically designed to feel fresh, livable, and light. However, contemporary home designs come in many forms. They can include a mix of vintage and modern elements, or the design can be an ultra-trendy space where function follows form. It all comes down to what best suits your personal style!

Bold Colors Or Neutral Hues?

Once you’ve determined whether you’re going a more modern or traditional route, you can begin to decide which colors will make your space feel most like home. If you like bold colors and patterns, you may lean more toward contemporary or eclectic design styles. Bright accent walls, area rugs, colorful textiles, abstract artwork, and unusual furniture can all help brighten up your space.

Ask yourself how bright and colorful spaces make you feel. If you think that it’s easier for you to relax in spaces that have calming colors, your interior design style may lean more toward minimalist, industrial, or transitional. These styles are known to adopt a more monochromatic color scheme with neutral colors. A minimalist style embraces as much simplicity in a space as possible, while the industrial style has a focus on metal pieces and accents. Transitional designs aim to strike a striking a balance and often combine luxury fixtures and finishes with natural elements and earthy tones.

A Lot, or A Little?

The way you use any given space says a lot about your design style. If you prefer multi-functioning furniture, clear surfaces, and feel anxious about clutter, your interior design style may be minimalistic or even Scandinavian. Both of these design styles focus on simplicity. They aim to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space by not filling the room with many accent pieces and furniture. The Scandinavian interior design style is centered around clean lines, natural light, natural elements, neutral color tones, and only a handful of accessories.

When it comes to the usage of space, Bohemian, Rustic, and French Country design styles fall on the complete opposite end of the spectrum. These styles come to life through their high usage of accent pieces, artwork, and accessories. The Rustic design style may incorporate accessories from the outdoors, while a Bohemian space will feature globally inspired textiles and shelves of trinkets. French country designs are all about distressed woods, ruffles, and mixed patterns that come together for an elegant look. These styles make use of every square inch of space in the room, and they use color and texture to tell a story.

Let Us Help You Discover Your Interior Design Style

What’s your interior design style? It can be a difficult question to answer on your own, and your personal preferences will likely include a combination of various elements. Our expert designers at The Anderson Studio of Architecture and Interior Design can help you discover your interior style and bring it to life. Together, we’ll come up with a custom plan to radically transform your living spaces. If you’re ready for to create an inspiring change in your home, contact us today!

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