Your home should reflect your personality and lifestyle. Designing a custom home gives you the chance to pick from a wide range of popular styles and then personalize it to make it your own. The location of your home will play a big part in the style of home you choose, as well as the features and amenities that are important to you. Check out the most popular types of home styles to figure out which one is best for your new home!

Colonial Style Home

Arguably one of the most common architectural styles for homes in the United States, you’ll recognize a Colonial Style by its brick or wood facade, decorative entrance ways, pitched roofs and balanced window placement. The layout of a Colonial Style home usually puts the kitchen and living areas on the first floor and bedrooms on the second floor. The beauty about building a custom Colonial Style Home is that you are able to combine the classic architectural features and design elements with more modern amenities and upgrades.

Cape Cod Style

Cape Cod Style homes are known for their steep roof lines, stunning hardwood floors, and multi-paned windows. Typically, the kitchen and living areas are located on the first floor along with one bedroom, and any additional bedrooms are located upstairs. These are sometimes known as a “less decorated” version of a Colonial Style home and are known for their simplicity and charm. Cape Cod style homes used to be known as the simple and affordable “starter” home for American families, but today more and more Cape Cod style homes are being built with luxury finished and contemporary architecture elements to combine classic American charm with modern design.

Victorian Style

Victorian style homes are whimsical and romantic, featuring steep pitched roofs and wide, wrap-around front porches. The secret to building a breathtaking custom Victorian is to keep in mind the classic features like decorative windows while adding modern features and amenities. The more ornate and decorated the better, and most Victorian homes are made with a variety of materials, including wood, clay, and brick.

Historically, Victorian homes almost always had two stories, sometimes three. Standard elements in Victorian style homes include steep ceilings, deep archways, intricate woodwork, and second-floor balconies. Building a custom Victorian is ideal for those who want a home that makes a bold statement.

Tudor Style

Tudor Style homes are designed to mirror the intricate architectural elements of the 16th century. They’re commonly made of stone, stucco or wooden claddings. These homes often boast simply arched doorways and front gables made of brick. It is also common to see brick walkways leading through lush gardens to the front entrance of the home. Tudors are built to feel like an English country manor and can blend medieval architectural features with a romantic old-world charm for a home that feels strong and stable.

Craftsman Style

Craftsman-style homes originated as quiet suburban bungalows, typically featuring earthy color and materials, inviting entryways, welcoming front porches with majestic square columns, and stone accents. Designed to feel like a quaint summer cottage, these homes are known for their covered front porches, built-in cabinetry and shelving, an open floor plan, and at least one grand fireplace.

This style is a favorite among those who appreciate intricate woodwork and often features handcrafted finishes throughout. Window seats overlooking the lawn are popular, and multi-paned windows with thick trim add a distinct look to these homes.

Cottage Style

A cottage style home is typically on the smaller side but makes up in charm and character what it lacks in square footage. The defining features of a cottage-style home often include gabled roof and stone or wood facades. They tend to have arched entryways and brick walkways, and their curb appeal is usually what makes this style so intriguing. A well-maintained yard in front of a cottage style home can transform it from a simple bungalow to something from a fairy tale.

Traditional Ranch Style

Ranch style homes can be found in every city across the county and are known for their simplicity and consistency. Ranch homes are one-story homes with a low-pitched roof, a U or L shaped floor plan, sliding glass doors and large picture windows. The feel of a ranch home is open and airy, best suited for families that like to entertain. This type of home is known for its livability and its ability to adapt and change to meet the needs of the individual family.

Mediterranean Style

You can identify a Mediterranean home right away by its stucco exterior, arched windows and doorways, and low-pitched tile roofs. These homes often feature large outdoor spaces for entertaining and flow-through floor plans with high ceilings. These homes are influenced by the architecture and design trends found in Spain and Italy and feel elegant and modern at the same time.

Contemporary Style

A contemporary style home often features an asymmetrical facade, strong geometric shapes throughout, large windows to accentuate natural light, a floor plan that emphasizes a smooth indoor-outdoor transition, and is marked by simple, clean lines. These homes are as functional as they are beautiful, and usually have fewer doors and interior walls than other, older styles. The contemporary style is designed to feel open and inclusive and blends classic elements with modern building concepts like eco-friendly materials and energy conservation systems.

Build Your Dream Home

Building a home is so much more than deciding where to put windows, walls, and doors. It is about finding a style that reflects you, your family, and your lifestyle. The Anderson Studio of Architecture and Design has extensive experience working with all home types. Our professional team of architects and designers can help you navigate the many different home styles and help you pick the best one for your needs. If you’re ready to take the first step in designing your dream home, contact us today.