Whether you live on the beach or simply want to create a tropical island vibe, check out these island home design ideas! Learn how to incorporate the easy, breezy lifestyle into your home.

Bold Color Schemes

One of the most distinctive features of island-themed decor is the color palette. Anyone who has been to a Caribbean island can attest to the bright and tropical colors used in many of the island’s homes and commercial buildings. Palm tree greens, sunshine yellows, bright teals, hot oranges, and deep ocean blues are all bold statement colors that fit right in with an island home design. You may not want to paint the entire house in these dramatic colors, but accent walls throughout the home can make a big statement. To add a little Caribbean flair to your interior design strategy, consider using eye-catching colors that reflect the crystal clear waters of the ocean and native flowers and plants of the island.

If you prefer a more tranquil and subtle design, you may opt for darker blues and whites that reflect a more nautical theme. Seafoam, navy, and turquoise can create a modern island space that is more “tranquil South Carolina coastline” than “vibrant Caribbean island.” The whole idea behind an island-themed home is to reflect the luxury, tranquility, and peacefulness that comes with being on an oasis.

Another common theme in many islands home is two-tone walls. Instead of having just a plain white wall, many island homes incorporate two colors, such as blue on the bottom half of the wall and yellow on the top half. This could be a fun way to add color and personality to a living space or bedroom.

A Touch of Texture

Color isn’t the only way to make a home feel like it is nestled on the beach. Adding stone, driftwood, glass, and raw wood can give you the bold colors you need for a beach inspired home while also enhancing the space with textured elements.

Even something as simple as adding a glaze paint to an accent wall immediately adds texture and changes the look of a room. Mixing textures in the fabrics throughout your home, and even painting the ceiling can really make the room pop.

Island Inspired Furniture

When it comes to furniture, incorporating wood, bamboo, and wicker will help give your space an authentic island feel. Plastic and metal typically don’t give off an island vibe, so it is important to choose furniture that reflects the materials found in these specific regions. Not every piece of furniture in your house needs to be made of wicker or bamboo, but a few statement pieces throughout the home will help enhance the vibe. The idea is to try to stay as natural as possible and incorporate earthy elements to represent the islands.

Ample Seating & Lounge Spaces

The beauty of having a beach house is that you have a comfortable space to invite friends and family over to visit. Lounge areas, cozy nooks, and ample seating ensure you have plenty of space to entertain your guests. Comfortable seating areas can be created by putting multiple loveseats together to create an extended sofa or adding a few hanging hammock-style chairs from the ceiling. A wicker bench with bright cushions or accent pillows and light, flowy canopy in a small space can add a pop of color and create a comfortable and convenient place to kick back.

Highlight The Views

As you design your island home, it’s important to remember the windows. If you have a stunning view of the beach or a marsh, open your home up to it. If you are still in the architectural stage of designing your home, consider floor to ceiling windows that showcase the view from your home.

When it comes to dressing up your windows, it’s common to find exterior shutters on many island homes. Roller shades will also allow you to control the amount of natural light that comes into your home. Woven wood shades are a popular option that reflects the natural elements of the beach.

Island Accessories

Flowers and plants are another common decorating strategy used in the islands to bring the outdoors inside. Even if you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, artificial plants can add color and vibrancy.

In addition to plants, accessories that incorporate sailboats, anchors, and beach-themed decor can bring your island-inspired designs to life. If you want to reflect a more modern coastal lifestyle, consider including white-washed accents, the use of driftwood as wall art, or handblown glass that looks like sea glass.

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