At the start of every year, we begin to see the emergence of new décor fads for homes. If you enjoy keeping up with the latest looks, explore these top interior design trends for 2021! These stunning styles will keep your interior up-to-date and on-point.

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Top Design Styles in 2021

Minimalist, modern farmhouse, and mid-century modern designs are finally on their way out. In 2021, they’re being replaced by the following design styles:

Modern Cottagecore

Cottagecore is an aesthetic that strikes harmony with nature and encourages a simplistic lifestyle. The concept romanticizes agricultural elements and is reminiscent of the traditional English countryside. However, modern cottagecore adds a certain sleekness to the classic aesthetic. It’s the ideal design for those who enjoy a contemporary look but also desire warmth and character.

Homes that feature natural elements like original flooring and/or exposed beams will take to the modern cottagecore style nicely. However, even if your home doesn’t contain these elements, you can nail the look by pairing old pieces with simple, contemporary accents. Warm colors, floral patterns, and rustic décor will brighten your space and pull the aesthetic together.

Contemporary Tropical

The desire to travel is being reflected in home interiors through contemporary, tropical designs. Specifically, you’ll see the incorporation of modern florals in chic colors such as bold blues, soft yellows, and monotone greys. In fact, Pantone Color Institute named yellow and grey as the color combination of the year. Other elements that bolster the tropical design include leafy plants, plush window seats, sea glass countertops, and statement chandeliers made of seagrass.


Minimalism has been a popular style for nearly a decade. It’s characterized by limited ornamentation, neutral color palettes, sleek lines, and modern finishes. However, this look is taking a full 180-degree turn in 2021 with the introduction of maximalism!

Maximalist décor is highly decorative and personalized—elements are bold and meant to tell a rich story. There are many avenues you can take to achieve this look, as maximalism highly encourages individualism. Whether you’re inspired by the Art Deco or bohemian aesthetic, make a statement in your interior by incorporating unique talking pieces, funky furniture, and interesting décor that reflects your personality.

Top Home Elements in 2021

The configuration and function of homes are also shifting. Explore the top home elements that will be a primary focus in 2021:

Closed Floor Plans

Open floor plans have dominated for quite some time. However, due to an increased need for individualized spaces within busy households, closed floor plans are coming into style.

Rooms don’t necessarily have to be separated by a solid wall. Rather, the home can still flow through the use of encased openings that signal a distinction between spaces. In areas that require a full wall, a statement door can be added to provide unique character. Having a dedicated space for remote work, schooling, exercise, and/or hobbies is more important than ever.

Stylized Office Spaces

With remote work at an all-time high, there’s been a huge emphasis on creating refined office spaces. Home offices should strike the right balance between comfort and structure. Clean, crisp lines prevent the room from feeling cluttered, while eclectic pieces such as a brightly colored chair, funky desk light, and eye-popping wall décor create a charming atmosphere.

Cozy Quarters

People have been spending an increased amount of time in their homes. That’s why there’s a large need in 2021 to create inviting, comfortable spaces to unwind and relax.

Your cozy area doesn’t necessarily have to be its own room. Rather, an unused corner of your home could be transformed with a plush accent chair dressed with a throw blanket, chic side table, and stylish standing lamp. Generally, to make a space feel soft and relaxing, there should be a mixture of textures such as wool, linen, and warm woods. These small but important variations are what will make your cozy quarters feel lived-in and homey.

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