A dining room should offer both comfort and elegance, capturing your personality while providing a welcoming space for guests. Whether you’re updating your current dining space or building an entirely new room, keeping up with the latest trends can be a great source of inspiration. Explore these top dining room trends of 2021!

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Rethinking the Formal Dining Room

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed much about the way we lead our lives, and the world of interior design is no exception. The formal, rarely used dining room of old is out, replaced with a multi-use space that’s focused on versatility and comfort.

Rather than a formal dining room that sits empty except for major holidays, you can revamp the space to be more of an extension of your kitchen or make it a multi-purpose room depending on your needs. For example, you could add an elegant office space with the addition of a desk and bookshelves.

Top Dining Room Trends & Ideas of 2021

Here are some key trends and ideas to keep in mind as you design your new dining room:


There’s much less emphasis on indoor dining spaces in the post-Covid world. If you have the luxury of outdoor space, consider how to dress it up to create a welcoming experience for your guests. Organic materials and plants work wonderfully in these settings, helping to elegantly emphasize the outdoor space.


There are many aesthetic and functional benefits to developing an open concept kitchen/dining area. By crafting a continuous space, you will foster a stronger connection between your guests and their meal, and your guests will generally have a warmer, more intimate experience. Use a color palette and design features that complement the kitchen to enhance the continuous feeling between both spaces.


It might seem like a minor decision, but the materials you choose for your home are important for both aesthetics and functionality. As you design your dining room, experiment with this mix of classic and trending materials:

  • Timber. Wood is a classic material that provides a sense of both elegance and warmth. It’s also surprisingly versatile, with a range of woods brining their own unique hues and textures to complement your personality and dining space. You can use wood elements to either complement your space or set up eye-catching contrasts.
  • Brick. At one point, many homeowners would opt to conceal their brick walls. Today, however, brick walls are in. Whether used for an entire wall or as an accent, brick adds a unique and appealing texture while creating a sense of warmth and familiarity.
  • Plaster. Plaster fixtures and accent pieces are in vogue—and for good reason. They provide both a minimalist, smooth texture as well as a bright white hue that can complement predominately white spaces or provide a striking contrast in a room with a darker palette.
  • Wall Coverings. The right wallpaper can instantly take your dining area to the next level. Try a modern mural, vintage repeating pattern, or abstract print to stamp your personal taste on your dining space and delight your guests. Wall coverings can add a whimsical, artistic, or elegant feel, so choose what best fits your personality and design goals.
  • Shiplap. Shiplap, usually used as exterior siding, helps open up a room when used in interior design. Your dining space will feel naturally larger, as the horizontal siding draws the eye around the room. You can also install it vertically if you prefer to accentuate the room’s height instead.

Connection With The Natural Environment

Bringing nature into your dining space has many benefits, both aesthetic and functional. Indoor plants and other greenery, for instance, provide a beautiful pop of color while purifying the air. Place potted plants in the corners, flowers on the table, and hang up plants to produce an intimate, immersive sensation.

If you want to create a more natural look in your dining room, consider using natural materials such as timber, rattan, and wicker. These materials provide a welcoming, down to earth feel that’s perfect for nature lovers.

You can also open up your dining room to your environment with installations like a window wall or windowed patio doors that open up to your lawn. This can simulate the experience of outdoor dining while maintaining the comfort of an indoor space.

Design Your Dream Home

Whether you hope to revitalize your existing space or start from scratch, we hope these dining room trends and ideas have given you some inspiration.

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