An outdoor pool on Kiawah Island designed by The Anderson Studio

Is it time to give your existing swimming pool a refresh? Whether you’ve changed how you typically enjoy your pool or simply want to modernize the look and feel of your backyard, taking on a pool remodel can be quite a transformation. Whatever your motivation for a pool remodel, the possibilities are endless. Here are our top seven pool remodel ideas for summer 2023.

#1 Add a Sunning Ledge

A pool designed by The Anderson Studio: 7 of the Best Pool Remodel Ideas

A sunning ledge is an excellent choice if you enjoy being near the water and soaking up the sun. Also known as a “Baja shelf” or “tanning ledge,” sunning ledges are shallow pool entries typically wide enough to support aquatic lounge furniture or serve as a seat in the water. Sunning ledges may be as wide as the rest of the pool or a partial width and can be made in various shapes, including curves.

Sunning ledges are commonly used as a spot for poolside lounge furniture, reading, tanning, playing, or just floating in the water. These elegant pool entries are usually no more than nine inches to one foot deep, allowing users to enjoy the water without exerting much effort to swim or float. A sunning ledge made of contrasting or complementary material to the rest of the pool can emphasize the unique entry and add personal style to your pool setup.

#2 Add a Spill-Over Spa

Add a touch of luxury to your pool by adding a spill-over spa during your renovation. A spill-over spa is basically a hot tub that connects to the rest of your pool. You can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of basking in the warm water and massage jets of a spill-over spa without needing to exit your pool area.

Aside from the beauty and convenience of a hot tub built into your pool, another key benefit of having a spill-over spa installed is that it won’t require additional water consumption. Spill-over spas reuse the same water supply as the rest of the pool, so adding one to your pool is typically wise from a financial perspective.

#3 Include Water Features

Take your backyard pool to the next level by adding a water feature. Water features include waterfalls, scuppers, cascades, rain curtains, bubblers, and fountains. No matter what type of feature you choose for your pool remodel, the added movement and subtle sound it creates will elevate your backyard design.

Adding water features to your pool can also reinforce your personal style. For example, installing a waterfall that runs over faux rocks of organic shapes and sizes can create an exotic, bohemian feeling in your backyard. In contrast, a waterfall that streams straight over a man-made ledge can contribute to a contemporary or minimalist aesthetic.

#4 Upgrade Pool Lighting

Updating how you light up your pool at night can add a new level of sophistication to your outdoor oasis. LED lights can be installed underwater in your pool and provide enough lumens to illuminate even deep areas sufficiently. In addition, LED lights are a good choice of lighting because they are relatively energy efficient and can be customized using a logic controller to display specific colors or modify light intensity.

#5 Create a Beach Entry

Imagine having the opportunity to slowly wade into your refreshing pool on a hot summer day. With a beach entry, this ideal can be realized! An existing pool can be remodeled to include a beach entry or slope walkway into the shallow end of your pool.

When you add a sloped entry to your pool, you can enjoy the look and feel of a private beach in your home. Using a contrasting or complementary paver or mosaic tile along the sloped portion of your pool can make this feature stand out and even mimic the look of wet sand at the beach.

#6 Upgrade Your Pool Surface Tiles


If you’re looking for a unique way to personalize your pool, consider choosing a customized surface tiling pattern. Today it is even possible to use glow-in-the-dark mosaic tiles or glitter grout to add a unique twist to your pool flooring.

Including glow-in-the-dark mosaic tiles in your pool makes for a fun and dramatic day-to-night transformation. You can arrange tiles to create imagery in a unique pattern or even spell out a personal message. Then, these tiles illuminate your pool floor at twilight after a day of sunlight.

Sometimes minor details contribute the most elegance and sophistication to a design overall. Applied tastefully, glitter grout can add refinement and luxury to your pool, making it look inviting and refreshing.

#7 Create a Pool Theater

Make your pool the ultimate hangout spot for friends and family by creating an outdoor theater with prime viewing in the water. Imagine watching your favorite features while lounging in the shallow water of your sunning ledge, enjoying the warmth and jets of your hot tub, or casually swimming around the main pool area. Whether you opt for an outdoor flat screen or put together a large-scale projector and screen, an outdoor theater means you can spend movie night in the pool.

Bring Your Dream Pool to Life

A pool remodel designed by The Anderson Studio on Kiawah Island, SC: 7 of the Best Pool Remodel IdeasWhen remodeling your pool and working with an experienced architect, there are countless possibilities. After all, a professional can help you plan all the features you want with an eye for detail. At The Anderson Studio of Architecture and Interior Design, our accomplished and knowledgeable team has a knack for putting your preferences, inclinations, goals, and dreams at the center of every project you desire. Contact us for any custom luxury home design questions. We can’t wait to help you with this exciting new project!