The master bedroom is the perfect place to stamp your personal imprint and craft a custom space for your tastes alone. If you’ve thought about upgrading your master bedroom or designing a new one from scratch, be sure to consider the latest in luxury master bedroom design ideas and trends of 2021. Read on so you can stay up to date on these chic design ideas and jumpstart your creativity.

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The master bedroom isn’t just for sleeping—it’s also where you dream and plan your future. It’s a practical space as well, where you dress and prepare yourself for the day. Most of all, it’s for you, an intimate hideaway that should reflect your tastes.

Work with these top luxury master bedroom design ideas and you’ll impress anyone who has the privilege to enter your personal oasis.



Many homes have fireplaces, but having one in your master bedroom is a guaranteed way to elevate the appeal of your home’s most intimate space.

A fireplace adds instant warmth and intimacy to your master bedroom, as well as a touch of luxury. For the fireplace mantle, you can choose luxurious marble or wood, or any material that suits your master bedroom.

You might want to opt for a gas and wood fireplace as it’s easily controlled and relatively hassle-free.


When it comes to home design, many people forget about that all-important fifth wall—the ceiling. Turn your master bedroom into something special with a unique ceiling design.

You can opt for an intriguing texture like grass cloth wallpaper, add carved wooden beams, extend a wallpaper partially up to the ceiling, or select a patterned wallpaper exclusively for the ceiling.

These designs will draw the eye upward and are particularly important in the master bedroom as you’ll see the ceiling often from the comfort of your bed.


Lighting is not often at the top of homeowners’ lists when it comes to designing their master bedroom. It’s a crucial element, however, for providing comfort and shaping the mood of the room.

You’ll want to pay careful attention to natural light sources, which will reduce your need for lamps. If your master bedroom won’t benefit from a lot of natural light, you may want to opt for classic lamp styles that complement the rest of your space.

Pay close attention as well to lighting that will fit your needs, whether setting the mood, getting dressed, or reading. Your lighting should be functional but also distinctive and decorative.


When done well, adding a wet bar to your master bedroom will make your space more functional and more sophisticated.

This feature will help make your master bedroom more of a suite. Not just a place for sleeping, but a place for relaxing in style.

A wet bar adds particular convenience if you live in a multi-floor residence—instead of traipsing downstairs for coffee, juice, champagne, etc., enjoy the benefit of having these right at your fingertips.


One popular master bedroom trend of late is the open concept master bedroom/bathroom. This involves a master suite where little, if anything, separates the bedroom and bathroom.

This concept is highly customizable—some opt for no walls at all while some prefer a separate room for the toilet. The level of transparency is up to you. Due to the open nature of its design, the open suite may be preferable for couples who are quite comfortable with one another or people living alone.


Accent walls are trending as homeowners and designers explore adding a unique feel to the master bedroom space.

There are a variety of options to consider if you want to add an accent wall to your master bedroom:

  • Wood. Make your master bedroom stand out with a wooden accent wall behind the bed or facing it.
  • Marble. You can choose to have an entire marble accent wall or add slab inserts for instant luxury.
  • Textured wallpaper. Choose a unique textured wallpaper that will complement the rest of your space. Embossed wallpaper in a solid color works well.
  • Custom design. Up the elegance of your room with intricate custom design work, like elegant woodwork or custom molding.


Adding a dressing room or an elegant walk-in closet to your master bedroom is a luxury staple.

Whether for a dressing room or open closet, pay careful attention to your interior lighting to ensure your outfit selection and dressing routine runs smoothly as possible. You may want to opt for glass doors, which add elegance and will prevent your clothes from accumulating unseemly dust.


No matter how you design, these luxury master bedroom design ideas should spark your creativity and whet your appetite for a beautiful and luxurious space.

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