There’s something exciting about building a custom home—a home that has never been lived in, a home that fits your family and lifestyle perfectly. While building luxury custom homes is exciting, there are thousands of decisions to make. Before you even start thinking about wood floors vs. tile floors, or marble counters vs. granite counters, you need to put your team together.

Why Anderson Studio?

The Anderson Studio of Architecture and Design is a fully integrated firm of residential architects and interior designers in Charleston, SC. We view interior and exterior design as an intimate conversation and strive to ensure that the tone and texture of all elements of that conversation are supportive of each other, perfectly harmonious, and richly layered in meaning

With over 20 years of experience, we are a leading designer of luxury custom homes in Charleston, SC and beyond. In all of our projects, we work closely with clients to help you create your dream home. While drawings and plans are helpful in executing the project, it’s the honest conversations we have with clients that help us to be really successful.

What To Expect

Every custom home build comes with its own unique set of circumstances, and every process is different. However, each client can expect an exceptional level of commitment and dedication throughout our delivery process. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

  • A personal consultation. In this initial meeting, we will discuss your goals, wants and desires, lifestyle, spatial requirements, etc. Budget discussions will also begin here. This information will allow us to begin the Schematic Design phase and develop a design custom tailored to the property and your specific needs.
  • Design presentations. We typically provide three schematic design presentations to owners. First, we set direction for building layout on site. Second, we confirm site layout and further develop conceptual elevations. And finally, we confirm the plan arrangement and conceptual exterior character direction.
  • We handle the coordination. We’ll coordinate interaction with Authority Having Jurisdiction and submit designs to review boards as required. This is done throughout the schematic phases.  
  • Design consultants coordination. This includes landscape architects, soils and structural engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, and interior design.
  • Construction Documents. These are the primary tool for the builder to construct your home. We work closely with you and the contractor to produce these documents and integrate necessary design consultant documents.
  • A network of contractors. We’ll provide recommendations for local contractors, establish acceptable budget for construction and advise owners and design consultants in order to maintain established budget. There will be a collaborative effort between the architect, owner, and contractor.
  • Open Communication. We will support the owner and contractor during the construction phase by clarifying drawings as required. We’ll host a construction kick-off meeting with all parties to establish construction schedule and times that we will be needed to provide in-office and site visit support.

Our Portfolio

From the South Carolina Lowcountry to the Caribbean Isles, we have deep experience creating luxury custom homes to suit a variety of tastes and needs. Take a moment to explore our portfolio for inspiration, and contact us today to begin designing your dream home.

If you’d like to learn more about the process of a building a custom home before reaching out, please continue reading below!

The Process Of Building A Custom Home

So how does it work? Designing a new home can seem like a big job, but you don’t have to make the decisions on your own. The right design team can guide you through the entire process, consulting with you every step of the way. Every custom home is different, of course, but here’s a general overview of what you can expect:


What are you planning to spend on your new home? Before you start picking out paint colors and floor plans, you need to set a budget. Keep in mind that the cost of the build is not limited to the architectural plans. Other factors that you’ll have to keep in mind include:

  • The price of the land you’re building on
  • Local taxes and fees
  • Home construction
  • Furniture and furnishings

Of course, there’s no way to know precisely what the entire project is going to cost up front. Leaving some wiggle room in your budget can give you the flexibility to make changes if need be. Expect to splurge on certain things, and keep this in mind when setting your budget.


When setting a timeframe for when you expect the home to be built, there are really two different times you should consider. The first is when you’d like the home to be done. This is the best-case scenario—the date that would be the most convenient for your family. The second date is when you need the home to be completed. This depends on your personal circumstances. Is there a baby coming? Is your current lease up?

When building a luxury home, it’s important to be realistic about the timeframe expectations. Your architect and design team will be open with you and let you know an estimate of how long the process will take.


Before you can lay a foundation, you need land to put it on. The land that you build on is just as important as what is being built on it. Consider the geography of the land, the ease of accessibility, and the proximity to local amenities, your place of employment, or schools if you have kids. How close do you want to be to neighbors? Is having a view necessary to you? Will the slope of the land impact building? Taking the time to find the right location will make all the difference when building your new home.

Layout & Design

This is where the fun begins. Working side by side with Anderson Studio, you can create the luxury home of your dreams, room by room. Create a list of “wants vs. needs” to prioritize the things that would be nice to have compared to the things you must have. For some inspiration, read our post on some popular features to consider in new homes!

Think about each room of the home and what features will make it the most user-friendly for your family. Decorative accents, finishes, color palette choices and appliances all contribute to the overall feel of your home and should reflect your style and personality. Anderson Studio design team is made up of creative professionals who are dedicated to capturing your personality and tastes while seamlessly enhancing your lifestyle.

Redefining Luxury Custom Homes

There’s no better feeling than finally being settled in your new custom home. The team at the Anderson Studio has a unique way of seeing the end result for your home from the very beginning. We work to make every decision based on achieving the end result that will completely transform the way you live.

Contact us today to take the first step toward creating your dream home.