Pool design by The Anderson Studio: how to design a luxury swimming pool

Enjoy the feeling of being on vacation year-round with a luxury swimming pool right at home. Whether you aim to recreate a spa-like experience in your backyard or want to build the perfect outdoor area for hosting friends and family, working with an experienced architect makes it possible to design the luxury pool of your dreams. Before diving right into the design process, here are some key points to consider for your next luxury home swimming pool. Or, if you’re ready to start designing the perfect luxury pool for you, contact us today!

How Do You Intend to Use Your Pool?

Kiawah Island luxury pool design by The Anderson StudioBefore designing your custom pool, ask yourself how you intend to use it. Does a pool serve as a recreational area to gather with friends and family in summer, or do you plan to reap the health benefits of going for a daily morning swim? The key to designing a luxury pool lies in planning the pool’s intended functionality and ensuring it fits your lifestyle. For the athletic swimmer, a luxury pool should include a measured lap pool, if space permits. For smaller exercise pools, it may be possible to build a swim-in-place pool.

If your plans include enjoying the occasional Jacuzzi soak, you may want a design that creates harmony between the two elements–such as creating the illusion of a floating Jacuzzi within the pool with an infinity design.

If you plan to allow kids or pets to access the pool area, you may consider safety features, such as a fence surrounding the pool to prevent younger children from inadvertently falling in. Or, you may dedicate more square footage to the shallow end of the pool.

Is a Chlorine or Salt Water Pool Better?

Luxury pool design by The Anderson StudioThere is no correct answer to this age-old question, but before building a luxury pool, you should decide whether you want to fill it with chlorinated water or all-natural water. Depending on the type of water you use, the pool requires a different filtration system to keep it clean and safe to swim in.

While chlorine has long been traditional in pool design, today it is possible to create natural pools that are filtered by natural means by incorporating living plants into the design. These all-natural pools typically have a portion for swimming as well as a separate area of plants. In this way, an all-natural pool may double as a water feature, even when it is too cold to swim.

What Technology Does Your Pool Need?

Today, just about everything can be controlled through smart home devices and automation–even various elements of your luxury pool. Smart pools can cover and uncover the water, adjust water temperature, engage cleaning systems, and turn the lights on or off. Some smart pools even add automated fountains, waterfalls, and speakers to the mix for a more luxurious ambiance while swimming.

Having routine automated pool maintenance makes it easier than ever to care for a luxury pool. It is no longer as time-consuming or costly to ensure that your pool remains in good condition. You can control and monitor many smart pool features using a smartphone for added convenience.

What Style Should I Choose?

Luxury pool design by The Anderson StudioThe ceramic of a pool is an opportunity to inject style and personality. Different colors may communicate different design styles or faux textures, such as the look of sand, which can truly add to the overall look and feel of your luxury pool. Today, the typical light blue ceramic under the pool waterline is out of fashion, and new and exciting ideas, such as darker ceramics or thematic motifs, are trending in pool design.

Another up-and-coming trend is perimeter-overflow. This pool design allows water to flow over the edge, which gives the illusion that nothing separates the pool’s surface from the surrounding horizon. Perimeter-overflow pools tend to look modern and clean, and may even appear to empty into another body of water, such as a lake or ocean.

How Will Your Pool Fit With the Rest of Your Outdoor Space?

The most stunning luxury pools blend in stylistically with the rest of the backyard. Rather than designing a new pool from scratch with no consideration for existing elements in the area, it is better to create harmony between the rest of the space and the new pool. You may want to rearrange some of the existing landscaping or update the surrounding decking to look and feel good with your new pool.

Work With an Experienced Luxury Home Architect

There are countless possibilities when designing your custom home pool and working with an experienced architect. After all, a professional can help you plan all the features you want with an eye for detail.

At The Anderson Studio of Architecture and Interior Design, our accomplished and knowledgeable team has a knack for putting your preferences, inclinations, goals, and dreams at the center of every project you desire. Contact us for any custom luxury home design questions. We can’t wait to help you with this exciting new project!