If you’re building a custom home on a vacant lot, you’re going to need a house site plan. A professional can help you draw up this important document to ensure your new home is perfect. But what is a house site plan? Read on to discover everything you need to know.

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House Site Plan Defined

A house site plan is a diagram that outlines the potential layout of your home in relation to the land. On the drawing, you’ll find items that already exist on the property, such as trees, current structures, and adjacent streets. It is also required to include the property lines on a house site plan.

Most importantly, your house site plan will contain the proposed shape and positioning of your home, as well as any other items you want to be included on your property, such as a pool, driveway, or a detached garage.

When creating a house site plan, some of the primary considerations your designer will take into considering include:

  • Zoning restrictions
  • Topography of the site
  • Site utilities
  • Drainage
  • Positioning for capturing natural sunlight, breezes, and views

The above points will guide your designer in creating a house plan that not only looks the way you like, but is also functionally and structurally sound.

Why Do I Need a House Site Plan?

There are a few reasons why you need to have a house site plan created:

  • To confirm that the proposed plan is exactly to your liking for your new home
  • To ensure that your new home will meet proper zoning requirements
  • The government often requires one to confirm building codes are adhered to

How is a House Site Plan Created?

Specific requirements must be met in the creation of a house site plan:

  • It must be drawn as seen from above
  • It must be drawn to scale
  • It must indicate true north
  • It must include Grand Tree locations. A Grand Tree is a tree that is 24 inches or greater in height with a diameter of 4 ½ feet.
  • It must include the address, the property owner’s name, the date, and the name of the neighborhood (if applicable)
  • Proposed structures/improvements must be shown with their exact size

Here’s exactly how your house site plan will be created:

  • A scale will be selected and noted on the plan (i.e. 1 inch = 20 feet)
  • Your designer will start by drawing and labeling the property lines
  • Existing structures on the property will be drawn using a solid line
  • Proposed additions to the site will be drawn with a dashed line
  • Grand Trees will be indicated with a dot showing the precise center of the tree. The diameter will be labeled.

House Site Plan vs House Floor Plan

A house site plan is very different from a house floor plan. House floor plans focus solely on the design of the house itself—it does not take into account positioning on the property.

For instance, house floor plans deal with items such as the number of bedrooms you’d like, the setup of your kitchen, where closets and bathrooms will be placed, how many stories you want in your home, and more.

Generally, a house site plan will be created first before you move onto designing your house floor plan. This is because a house site plan will reveal what is truly possible to build on the property and the best way to do so. In essence, the design of your home will follow its function.

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