The thought of designing your dream home can be quite exciting. You likely have big ideas, thoughts on features to include, and a broad vision. However, when it’s time to get your thoughts down on paper, you may find that it’s difficult to put together a cohesive plan. In this post, you’ll learn how to design a home to meet all of your wants and needs.

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Choose Your Design Style

First, you need to hone in on a specific home design style. Do you want a contemporary or modern look? Are you drawn to more minimalist designs that focus on simplicity, or do you prefer rustic, bohemian, or French country styles featuring bold prints and textures?

Not sure where to start? Here are some tips to help you find and define your preferred style:

  • View a professional portfolio. This is a great way to see what’s possible for your home and to get a feel for different styles. Explore the architecture portfolio and interior design portfolio from the Anderson Studio of Architecture and Design for inspiration.
  • Browse design magazines. Browse through home design magazines to get a sense of style types. Keep in mind, though, that magazines tend to focus on “trendy” looks. These fads may be popular in the present, but they may seem out of place in the future. While it’s fine to incorporate a few trendy elements, you need to make sure your overall design will stand the test of time.
  • Drive through neighborhoods. Find a nearby neighborhood with homes you love. This is the perfect way to spot examples of designs that speak to you in-person.

As you work through the steps above, make a list of the features you like and dislike. This list will be extremely important moving forward as you design your dream house!

Create a Budget

Next, you’ll need to set a reasonable budget for your project. Find a firm number that you can afford and feel comfortable spending. Once this amount has been set, hold yourself accountable to sticking to it as the design process commences. Don’t bargain with yourself on spending extra for small additions and shiny new features. You’re setting a budget for a reason, so be sure to track it closely.

Prioritize Needs and Wants

With a budget in place, it’s time to prioritize your wants and needs for your home. Refer back to the list you made of items you love and dislike. “Needs” are items that make your home a livable space, such as the correct number of bedrooms and bathrooms. “Wants” are features that make your home more comfortable and enjoyable, like a wall of windows to maximize views or a home gym.

Separate these items into two columns, and feel free to get as detailed as you’d like. Go through all the amenities you want/need in each room. Don’t forget the exterior and the landscaping! As you create your list of wants and needs, the vision of your home will start to come together—and you’ll also be able to uncover areas where you can save in your budget.

Meet with a Professional Design Team

Now that you’ve nailed down your design style and some concrete ideas for your home, the next step is to meet with a design team who can help to bring your vision to life. In the initial meeting, you’ll be asked to share your prioritized list of wants and needs, express the style you’re aiming for, disclose features you dislike, and hand over any saved images of houses and amenities you love.

Your design team will likely provide a freehand sketch of your home based on your responses. This is very much a developmental phase where you’ll get a better idea of how your preferred features may work together. After some back and forth with the team making suggestions and adjustments, you’ll have a big-picture vision of your home.

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Finalize the Details

Finally, as the vision of your home comes together, your design team will help you work out the finer details and design decisions. These details may include the size and shape of the rooms, the materials, finishes, and fixtures you’d like to use in each room, and the layout of amenities and appliances. Although these may seem like small details, they can all have a significant impact on the final look of your home. Don’t stress, though—when you work with professional designers, you’ll have assistance through every decision to ensure your home comes together beautifully and in line with your vision.

Build Your Dream Home with the Anderson Studio

Now that you know how to design a home, contact the experts at the Anderson Studio of Architecture and Design for assistance. Our team of professional architects and interior designers have the experience and expertise needed to bring your vision to life. We look forward to helping you through each step of the planning and design process!