Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or building one in a new home, a contemporary design is a great choice. Explore the following contemporary master bathroom ideas to help you perfectly design your space!

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What Is Contemporary Design?

Contemporary design isn’t the same as modern design, which consists of minimalist, sometimes cold interiors. Rather, contemporary designs offer a current look that is equally classic and timeless. Contemporary designs provide softness and warmth that’s often lost in modern designs due to concise color palettes, emphasis on architectural elements, and the use of various textures. Instead, simple, clean lines combined with cozy details create an overall aesthetic that’s sleek, fresh, and perfectly balanced.

Color Palette

The easiest place to start when designing your contemporary master bathroom is by selecting your color palette. Contemporary designs are primarily composed of neutral colors that are accented by bold, vibrant hues. Consider painting your walls a neutral cream and selecting larger elements, such as a framed mirror or vanity, in other neutral tones such as black, white, or grey. Then, you can bring color to the space with vivid artwork, hand towels, and a bright bath mat. Remember, contemporary design is about striking balance.

Emphasis on Lines

Creating sleek, clean lines is key with contemporary designs. Lines can be either straight or curved, but they need to be clearly defined in your space. High ceilings create long, vertical lines, while undressed windows add nice symmetry. Use decorative elements that feature geometric prints to incorporate more edges, and also be sure to highlight any structural elements you might have in your bathroom, such as exposed pipes or brick. These draw the eye and add interesting texture to the space. 


Lighting is crucial to creating a contemporary feel in your bathroom. We suggest designing your bathroom with a few sources of natural lighting to bring warmth to the space and provide brightness. Cove lighting is also great for contemporary spaces. It creates a halo effect that not only adds to your lines but creates a sophisticated yet serene feel.

Include Naturalistic Elements

All of the modern pieces and finishes you select for your contemporary bathroom need to be offset by naturalistic elements to soften space. Otherwise, your bathroom will be left feeling cold and lifeless instead of filled with warmth and character. 

Contemporary designs are known to showcase large flowers and plants in simplistic containers. These add a needed pop of color, drama, and liveliness. Place vibrant, delicate flowers on your vanity and add a standing plant with bright green, intricate leaves to the space. You might even consider selecting wall art that showcases foliage. Naturalistic elements are key to preventing a stale feeling in your bathroom.

Key Materials

Are you wondering what materials are best to include in your contemporary bathroom? Natural elements also come into play here as well. Perhaps you select wooden shelving for a spa-like feel and mix in steely metal accents for your hardware. Stone or wood floors work nicely, and a clear or opaque glass shower door can add a more refined feel. A striking, porcelain bathtub can also be a gorgeous focal point in your bathroom.

Whatever materials you use, it’s important to remember that you need to balance the hardness of these materials with other textures and fabrics. Consider purchasing hand towels in a plush cotton or delicate linen. Select them in a geometric print, stripes, or a solid to match the sleekness of your bathroom. You can even layer your hand towels for extra texture.

Also, consider selecting a lavish bath mat in a soft material for additional contrast. Don’t be afraid to go bolder with your print selection for your bath mat. It can ground the room, set the tone for your color palette, and bring in rich character that your bathroom needs. As always, striking the perfect balance between simplicity, charm, and modernism is key for contemporary designs.

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