When it comes to building or buying a new home, one of the first things you have to decide on is architecture style. This will set the tone for many other aspects of the house, such as the landscaping, décor, finishes, and more. Explore these eight popular home architecture styles to discover which is right for you!

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Colonial Style

Colonial-style architecture originated in the 1600s. Due to the diverse group of early settlers, several styles of colonial homes emerged. Some of these variations include:

  • Dutch colonial style
  • French colonial style
  • Federal colonial style
  • Georgian colonial style

Even with these variations, there are several defining characteristics shared by all types of colonial homes. Their facades are symmetrical and often made of wood or brick. They also feature shuttered windows, a chimney, two or three stories, and columns. The overall look is very straightforward and formal.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary architecture is all about creating a streamlined look. These homes are built from a mixture of materials ranging from wood, steel, cement, and glass. The floor plans are open, expansive, and free of extra ornamentation. Sleekness and minimalism characterize contemporary home architecture.

Craftsman Style

Craftsman-style homes are also known as bungalows. Some of their defining features include low-pitched roofs with wide eave overhangs, large front porches, and decorative beams. They put a focus on using natural materials, so they’re usually designed with a mixture of wood and brick. On the interior, you’ll often find wooden built-in furniture, a fireplace, and exposed beams. The overall aesthetic is warm, relaxed, and casual.

French-Country Style

Rustic elegance is the essence of French-country style home architecture. Contrasting with craftsman style architecture, French-country homes feature steeply-pitched roofs that are either side-gabled or hipped. Also on the exterior, you’ll see arched windows and entryways. The windows are often small and narrow, while the entrance is pronounced and eye-catching. With this style of architecture, there’s also a large emphasis on landscaping, which adds to the home’s overall feeling of grandeur.

Mediterranean Style

If you’re searching for a unique home design, Mediterranean-style architecture may be right for you! Interestingly, these homes feature a U-shaped floor plan that’s usually centered around an ornate fountain or lush courtyard. This is a beautiful way to marry the landscape and architecture to feel like a natural extension of the home. Not to mention that this “U” design also promotes better air circulation throughout every room, which is lovely on a breezy day. Other defining characteristics of Mediterranean-style homes include low-pitched tile roofs, arched windows and doorways, heavy wooden doors, and ornamental ironwork. They’re usually built with adobe, stone, or stucco.

Ranch Style

Ranch-style home architecture always features a single-story layout. Because of this, the interior is often built with a simple, open floor plan that’s designed for efficient living. Most homes that feature ranch-style architecture have attached garages and simple exteriors. Since this style doesn’t have many set characteristics in terms of aesthetics, it leaves you with plenty of room for customization.

Spanish Style

Much of Spanish-style architecture is inspired by early 20th century churches. Regal yet relaxed, these types of homes are characterized by tile roofs and adobe or mudbrick exteriors. Dramatic, arched corridors and entryways add opulence, arcaded porches provide a serene walkway, and square pillars offer a touch of softness. Additionally, intricate, flower-like quatrefoil windows provide a touch of delicateness to these gorgeous homes!

Victorian Style

Victorian-style architecture emerged around 1830 during the rule of Queen Victoria. As with colonial-style homes, there are many variations of this home-style, such as:

  • Italianate style
  • Gothic revival style
  • Romanesque style
  • Shingle style
  • Queen Anne style
  • Stick style
  • Second Empire style

Despite these variations, there are several distinct characteristics that all Victorian-style home architecture features. For instance, there is always a focus on beauty and complex design rather than functionality. These homes are always very ornate, showcasing detailed trim, asymmetrical shapes, and multi-faceted rooflines. The shingles are usually patterned, and there’s often a full-width front porch. You can also expect to see Victorian-style homes painted in bright colors and complete with gorgeous bay windows.

Which is Right for You?

You can’t go wrong with any of these eight popular home architecture styles! But which is right for you? Here are some questions that can help you determine your ideal style:

  • Does the layout fit your needs? (e.g. single floor vs double floor)
  • Does the style fit in with surrounding homes?
  • Does the style match your geographical region? (e.g. Spanish-style homes are often found in the southwest, while colonial-style homes are prevalent in the northeast)
  • Do you prefer a more modern or traditional look?
  • Will you still like this style five years down the line?
  • Have you enjoyed living in the style of home before?

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