A beautiful staircase can set the tone for the rest of your home. With seemingly endless variations and design options, this simple home feature can be transformed into a dynamic and striking focal point. Explore these seven stunning staircase design ideas for inspiration!

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Grand Staircase

Grand staircases are often the first and most prominent feature you notice when entering a home. Most grand staircases have a sweeping, curved rail that provides drama and draws the eye. The curvature offers a great setup for a striking chandelier, as the staircase appears to wind around it. Contrasting white and natural wood strikes an elegant balance that can make the staircase pop even more. If you want your home to make a stunning first impression, a grand staircase is a great option!

Modern-Traditional Staircase

It’s entirely possible to put a modern spin on a traditional staircase. By pairing wooden elements with steely finishes, you can beautifully marry these two seemingly contrasting styles. Rather than a curved spiral design, the edges provided by a boxed spiral design will also instantly modernize the staircase. A modern-traditional staircase is sure to provide you with a timeless look.

Winding Staircase

A winding staircase looks gorgeous in a wide front hall. Including a tall, vertical element in a wide space promises to create an eye-catching focal point. To further give the staircase an elongated appearance, the banister color should contrast the other features of the room. This will draw the eye up and around its gentle curve. If you’d like to soften the look, adding a neutral stair runner will provide a more relaxed feel.

Open Staircase

To emphasize the spaciousness of a room, consider an open staircase. Cohesively designing your open staircase with materials that match the rest of your home will add grandeur, while including rich texture on the stair wall can provide extra character.

Open staircases also bring attention to what’s behind them, which is great for accenting large windows or a feature wall. The balusters will also be more prominently displayed on an open staircase, giving you the opportunity to play with eye-catching options in unconventional shapes and materials.

Elongated Spiral Staircase

Nothing adds more opulence and grace to a home than an elongated spiral staircase. These types of stairs curve upward across multiple floors, often to the ceiling of the top story. As you might imagine, this style of stairway looks best in taller homes or at the tallest point of a home.

Since elongated spiral staircases naturally make a statement due to their structure and size, it’s smart to keep the design elements more simplistic. Natural and white wood always create a classic look that’s understated and refined. This color scheme paired with straight balusters further maintains a streamlined look. Overcrowding elongated spiral staircases with too many flashy elements will take away from its grand appeal.

Wraparound Staircase

Just as the name sounds, a wraparound staircase wraps around a certain area or feature of a home. For instance, an enclosed space of large windows will benefit greatly from the addition of a wraparound staircase, which would provide 360-degree views as you climb each step.

This type of staircase also provides a wonderful opportunity to highlight a long-hanging statement chandelier. The stairs will encase the fixture and allow you to view it from every angle as you traverse the steps.

To further elevate a wraparound staircase, consider including floating stairs. The absence of risers allows for more visibility from top to bottom, providing a light airiness!

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