The kitchen is the heart of the home, and customizing it can give your house an entirely new feel. The kitchen is where life happens, and it should be a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Here are ten amazing custom kitchen design ideas that will transform the most important room in your home!

Paint The Ceiling

Accent walls, artwork, and unique flooring choices are obvious ways to make a statement in your kitchen. You can try something different by using the ceiling as a way to customize the space. Painted ceilings can add a pop of color and personality to your kitchen, and this addition is almost always a conversation starter. Lighter colors like lavender and golds can give your kitchen a soft and whimsical feel, while bold patterns or solid, bright colors can help your kitchen appear larger and more striking.

Forgo The Hardware

As designers continue to get more creative with custom kitchen designs, they’re often choosing to create a space without some of the more traditional kitchen elements, such as hardware. For instance, cabinets and countertops with built-in handles give the kitchen a sleek and refined look. Ditching the conventional hardware and going with something more streamlined is a small change that can make a big difference in the feel of your kitchen.

Paint The Floors

The floor you choose for your kitchen also plays a significant role in the overall feel of the space. For a unique way to upgrade your floors, consider painting them. If your kitchen floor is made of wood and is in good condition, use a stencil, painter’s tape, a ruler, and patient brushstrokes to create a pattern such as diamonds or stripes. It’s also important to consider what kind of paint to use when painting your floor. Oil-based enamel paint offers a sleek and shiny look, while matte, neutral colors keep your kitchen toned down.

Go Bold With A Backsplash

Most kitchens feature a backsplash that adds color and texture to the space. However, there are a few ways to kick your traditional subway tile up a notch. Consider having a backsplash made of rows of used wine corks, or cover a unique wallpaper with a solid piece of colored glass. A collage of seashells or old fashioned soda pop lids can also add color and fun, while rocks and wood give a more sophisticated feel.

Blend Vintage With Modern

A modern kitchen doesn’t always have to be fitted top to bottom with high-tech appliances and contemporary art. Sometimes, adding a few vintage-inspired accessories to a modern kitchen can make it feel homey and welcoming. Browse your local antique market for old-fashioned artwork or old pendant light fixtures, or use zinc countertops for an older feel. Mixing these elements with trendy pieces and innovative appliances can add character to the space.

Embrace Marble

The great thing about marble is that it can be used in many different places in your kitchen, not just on your countertops. Consider continuing it up your wall to serve as your backsplash, or have it installed for your flooring. Marble doesn’t show wear and tear like other popular kitchen floor materials, and it doesn’t stain, making it a great and unique option that will make a statement in your kitchen.

Go Green

While installing eco-friendly appliances and focusing on sustainability is a smart idea for any kitchen, we’re not talking about going green in that sense. We’re talking about literally going green by implementing plants, herbs, and flowers into your kitchen. Use a cabinet with glass doors as a place to showcase your favorite small plants, or start an herb garden in the window above the kitchen sink. Hang plants from the ceiling in a place where natural light comes through, or put a few of your favorite shrubs on top of the refrigerator. Plants are simple touches that add life and light to your kitchen.

Upgrade The Countertops

A lot of work in the kitchen is done on your countertops, but they also play a significant role in your kitchen’s look and style. Traditionally, a kitchen uses one material for all of the counters in the space. Now, modern kitchens use two or more materials throughout. Custom countertops are made in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles, including Brazilian bluestone, concrete, marble, red ironbark timber, and quartz. Wood countertops give the kitchen a beautiful, warm feel, while ceramic tiles are great for a crisp, clean, and elegant vibe.

Make A Statement With The Shelves

Kitchen shelves are not just for hiding away cups and plates—they can play an influential role in the design of the kitchen. Many luxury-style kitchens are embracing the open-shelf concept, which is a great way to blend form with function. Whereas traditional shelves are hidden behind doors, open-shelves serve as a place to both store kitchenware and offer an interesting design element. Some open shelves combine glass with gold for a sophisticated look, while other kitchens use wooden cubbies or brightly colored shelves against a white wall for something more playful. The open-shelf concept makes a kitchen more prominent while allowing you to easily reach your plates, wine glasses, and bakeware.

Don’t Forget The Details

While bold accent walls, painted ceilings, impressive flooring, and upgraded countertops can dramatically change the look of a kitchen, there is power in the smaller details. Incorporating retro pieces into your modern kitchen, purchasing new artwork, switching out the light fixtures, and/or the adding unique fixtures and finishes throughout the room (like in our recent Lowcountry Wharf House design project) will make the kitchen truly yours. In essence, customizing your kitchen comes down to the details. What can you add to the kitchen that makes it uniquely you?

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