Interior Design

Great residential interior design is personal, timeless and enriching. A successful interior design project requires trust and candid communication between the client and the interior design firm. A goal of the interior design team at the Anderson Studio is to demystify the interior design process by welcoming clients to a vast world of resources and possibilities… to create with them a home that captures their personality and individuality while immeasurably enhancing their lifestyle.

As an interior designer and architect, Scott Anderson addresses exterior and interior design as one component. While the Studio may formally provide one service or the other, Anderson is constantly designing for both, making collaboration with other consultants productive, an asset to his clients.

Anderson’s interior designers offer clients superb style and design sensibilities…technical expertise, professional organization, precise execution and logistics bolstered by focused collaboration with owners, builders, artists, architects, manufacturers, suppliers, shippers and installers.

The interior designers at the Anderson Studio put much effort into carefully understanding each owner’s vision for their new home, listening to their goals, needs and dreams… then presenting a world of colors, textures, patterns, fabrics, art, hardware and furnishings that turn vision into reality.