How We Work


We, at the Anderson Studio recognize that no two projects are alike. We start each new project with an open mind and a clean slate. As an innovative architecture firm, part of the thrill for us is to discover how our designs can be uniquely appropriate to your needs. We put much effort into understanding who you are and what your goals, needs, and motivations may be.


Our process is very participatory, which means you will see a lot of us.Communication is critical with all architecture firms. As dedicated residential architects and interior designers, we work diligently to create a bond of trust to ensure harmonious communication and collaboration with each client. The end result is a home that represents each client’s personality and passion… and the world in which they wish their family to live.

Personal Attention

Each residential architect has a particular project management style. At the Anderson Studio our management style is grounded on personal attention… from the initial concept meeting to completion, each Anderson Studio client receives personal attention not only from Scott Anderson but from a carefully selected project team.

Scott Anderson oversees each design phase, including residential interior design. Anderson, as principal residential architect guides each client through the creative process while orchestrating and collaborating with other building professionals. This approach ensures a seamless transition from one stage to the next… and a finished project that exceeds the client’s expectations while meeting their delivery deadline and budget.