Delivery Process

Every client of a residential architect has specific objectives that represent unique monetary and logistical challenges. As one of Charleston, South Carolina’s most innovative architecture firms, the Anderson Studio, with Scott Anderson at the helm, has spent years refining a delivery process that creates collaborative, positive communication between the client, Anderson and his design team members. This process allows the Anderson team to anticipate the concerns and challenges inherent in the design of any fine residential home… turning them into exceptional opportunities to create something unique and timeless.

Initial Consultations & Due Diligence

During the initial consultation Scott Anderson meets with the client to learn more about their desires and goals for their new home. The initial consultation is followed by a visit to the property. Anderson then determines the governing authorities who have jurisdiction over the project… and the best path for meeting the authority’s requirements. Anderson Studio is one of the preferred architecture firms who have developed longstanding relationships with multiple architectural review boards. In his capacity as both residential architect and interior architect, Anderson has studied and understands the visions of the developers. The Anderson Studio team works to achieve each client’s objectives within the framework of the review board process.

As part of their due diligence, the Anderson team helps each client understand how their project goals affect costs relative to the project budget. They develop a project timeline; introduce the client to collaborating designers and engineers and guide them through the selection process.

Client Communication Process

Scott Anderson is a skilled residential architect who maximizes communication technology via phone, fax, video conferencing or email because the majority of the clients of his architecture firm have their primary residence in other parts of the country… or the world. When decisions are critical, Anderson ensures that his designs are delivered to the client in hardcopy format via overnight delivery services. At important design stages Anderson prefers to have face-to-face meetings with his clients, making himself and other team members available to meet with the client at the project site, his office, or any place of the client’s choosing.

Design Decision Process

As an experienced residential architect, Anderson believes that great design is a fluid process. Openness to a fluid process cultivates an opportunity for great design solutions. Each layer in the design process is built on the success of previous design choices. Our process moves from general to specific, from concepts to details. We communicate the objectives of each phase and work to solve them sequentially. There is overlap between design phases, the key is communicating with the client so that they can make the appropriate choices.

Bids, Builders, Permitting Authorities and Construction Documents

As a professional residential architect and interior architect, Anderson works diligently to thoroughly document and deliver the appropriate information to bidders and permitting authorities through drawings, schedules and specifications. He and other members of the Anderson Team coordinate the efforts of their consultant designers and project engineers to ensure that all work is concerted.

If a builder has not been selected, Anderson will introduce the client to highly qualified contractors from which they can select a suitable builder for the project. Should the client elect to seek competitive bids, Anderson will coordinate the request for bids and advise on bid submissions.

Once the client is comfortable with the proposed design and its estimated cost, Scott Anderson’s architecture firm will prepare a full set of architectural documents for permitting and construction. During construction, the Anderson Studio will continue to advise the client and the builder. Anderson and his team will answer questions from the field, review shop drawings and requests for payment. As necessary, Anderson will provide sketches for clarification. Scott Anderson and other team members will attend regular project coordination meetings and perform critical walk-throughs with the owner. When appropriate, they will plan, coordinate and execute the residential interior design for the home.