Patrick and Ashley Dyson

We found Scott Anderson by sheer luck. Two years ago we decided to build a second home on Kiawah Island. Already we had a clear vision of what kind of vacation home we wanted, but because we live in New York City, and do not spend a lot of time in Charleston, we were not familiar with local architects. We had contacted an architect firm in San Francisco because we loved their work, but then realized that the distance might pose problems once the work began.

On that day two years ago, we drove around Kiawah Island in the hopes of finding a house that embodied something of our vision; and on Ocean Drive we saw the house. It was completely different than any house on Kiawah that we had seen. To our eyes, the breathtaking house had been designed with an intent to blend into the natural surroundings of Kiawah; and what had been achieved was the perfect balance between smart, innovative design and a true respect for the geography and history of Kiawah, especially in terms of conservation. It did not take us long to find the name of the architect, and that was Scott.

After only one phone call, we knew that Scott was the architect with whom we wanted to work. His openness and his enthusiasm were contagious. We drew up our vision for this vacation home, and for the past year Scott has brought this vision to life. He has accomplished this in a well-balanced, pragmatic, and creative manner, and every step of the way he has added tremendous insight to the process. He has handled our wishes, and the demands of the Kiawah Review Board, skillfully and graciously; and the house plans were approved.

In summary, working with Scott and his team of able, intelligent, and always helpful individuals, has been a truly positive and enjoyable experience, and we highly recommend his services.