Excelsior Home, LLC

Several years ago, we reached an agreement to have your firm design the home that our investment group planned to build on the island of St Kitts, now our home is complete. It is unparalleled in its beauty, function and fitness for the Caribbean environment… We all know that this house will withstand nature’s elements with strength and architectural integrity.
Certainly, we were all challenged, but you excelled. There were the challenges of shipping materials and coordinating the efforts of sub contractors. You handled those very well. As cost escalated, we found ways to reduce the price without compromising the aesthetics or the function of the project.
If I had to choose one thing that made the most difference in the overall house, it would be the foresight you used in situating the building on the land. Your careful and thoughtful planning provided views of the Atlantic, the Yacht Harbor and the Caribbean along with the volcano on Nevis.
Scott, you are to be congratulated. You are as much an artist as an architect. Your commitment to excellence and your vision will make your firm successful for many years to come. My investors and I are glad to have been a part of your first house in the Caribbean. Now, with you, I look forward to the next.